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The 10 Step Order Guide



   log in



: Log in to Your Agent Account 

In order to have access to the entire catalogue, take advantage of special agent pricing and any discount coupons, and to increase the speed of the checkout process, click on the "Log In" link at the top right hand of the page. 


   account access



: Enter email address and password to acccess account.

To access the customer account information, enter the agent email address and password. If the customer cannot access their agent account, please contact us at 1-800-387-0360 or click the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. We will activate the agent account with all of the customer required information. 

If the customer has forgotten the password, click on the Forgot Your Password? link at the bottom of the Log In form and a new password will be emailed to the agent email account (if the account has been previously activated on the store).





: Review the Account Details

Account Information consists of three main components:

1- The Account Menu on the left hand side of the page. These are quick links to all of customer account information / shopping tools available.

2- Order History. This is a summary of all orders placed on the store since the store launch. Within this history, the customer can view order status, view order comments and re-order products from past purchases (if those items are still active on the store).

3- Account Summary Information. Contact information and newsletter access can be edited within these fields.





: Click on Catalogue Category Heading

Access merchandise items in specific categories by clicking on the desired category heading at the top of the page. If a category has sub-categories, the category will expand to give the customer additional options within that category selection.


   add item



: Select item within category for more information and to add item to shopping cart.

To view further product details, click on the product image, or the add to cart button. This action will provide the customer with access to the product details page.


   product details



: Review product details and select quantity and product attributes required.

Within this page, the customer can review the product, send the product to another colleague or office member, select product attributes if available (i.e. colour/size etc.) and select quantity desired. Once quantity is selected, click on the add to cart button on the page to start the checkout process.

*note: Some products may have a minimum quantity to be ordered prior to adding to the shopping cart. The minimum order quantity for the product is indicated at the bottom of the item description on the page. If insufficient quantities are ordered, the customer will receive an alert message upon the attempt to add the quantity to the cart.


   shopping cart review



: Shopping Cart Review

Within the shopping cart review screen, there are three main steps:

1- Review the items within the shopping cart (the customer can edit product quantities, and add / delete items within this view), and apply a discount coupon code if applicable. (*note: the customer must be logged onto the site prior to entering a discount code).

2- To estimate shipping and the tax charges on the cart, the customer must input the relevant country / province and postal code and click the get a quote button.

3- To enter the final checkout process, click on the Proceed to Checkout Button.



   checkout process



: The Final Checkout Process


The final checkout process consists of 5 steps:

1- Review the billing information for the order. This billing information should already be attached to the customer's account. If the billing information is incorrect, the customer can access the account details (at the top right hand side of the page) and edit the information. The agent code is also displayed on the billing information page. If this code is incorrect, the customer can contact us using the Contact Us link  at 1-800-387-0360. Confirm the shipping location address and then click the continue button.

2-  The Shipping Information will default to the customer's Billing Information within the site. If the customer requires a different shipping location, the customer can alter the information in step 2. The Continue button should be clicked once complete.

3-  The shipping method will default to a flat rate shipping fee for the entire order. There are no other shipping options for step 3. The Continue button should be clicked to move to step 4.

4-  Payment Information- Credit card  (VISA / Mastercard / Amex) is the only payment option available on the Desjardins merchandise site. The customer will be required to enter the credit card number, the expiry date of the card and the card verification number in order to advance to the Order Review step. Click the Continue button to advance to Step 5. *note: currently, there is a purchase order option for calendar purchases only. Agents will be charged for calendar items via the head office chargeback process at the end of every month.

5- Order Review - this is your final order summary and review which will be detailed in step 9.

*note: the right hand side of this page documents the information you have entered in the previous checkout steps. You will be able to access this information throughout this checkout process.



   order review



: Final Order Review

The final order review process will provide the customer with a detailed summary of all purchases including shipping and tax charges (1), a summary of all order options provided by the customer (2) , the ability to add order notes or questions in the Additional Order Information Box (3) and the Place Order button to finalize the order for processing. Once this button is clicked, you will be sent to an order confirmation page.


   order confirm



: Order Confirmation

The customer will receive a confirmation of the order being successfully being accepted for process. An order number will be generated as a reference for the customer in addition to a confirmation sent to the customer's email account that is associated with the account. The customer can always track the progress of the order by clicking on the My Account link at the top right hand side of the page.